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Feed this SHREDDER by hand or a mechanical feeding device as required for a specific material. The SHREDDER is a heavy duty SHREDDER M/C with sturdy/robust construction for the production of clean granules. The material is processed direct by the specially designed rotor and stator knives and reduced to the desired particle size. The fly wheel effect of the rotar guarantees smooth, shock free running even when there is great stress. The upper part of the machine is easily opened by the swing back system. A switch prevents the motor from starting when the machine is opened. This machine has a Pneumatic Suction Unit which provides additional cooling, ensuring high output. It also enables the shredded material to be discharged wherever required. The size of the particles is decided by the selected mesh size of screen installed in the machine.

"Heavy duty SHREDDER with sturdy construction for production of fine particles" It has a Pneumatic Suction Unit which provides additional cooling to the cutting chamber and automatic collection system which increases the blade life and seperates the very fine dust.
Model   S R - 5
Feed Opening ( in mm ) - 350Í255
Rotor Diameter ( in mm ) - 400
Length of Knives ( in mm ) - 250
No. of Knives - 13
Weight - Approx. ( in kgs. ) - 1000
Shipping Space Required ( in mm ) - 1500Í1500Í 1500
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